Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Flooring: It Isn't All Carpet

Flooring: It Isn't All Carpet

By Jon Kilminster

Flooring: it's one of the most conspicuous things in any house, or building of any type. Why? you might ask. After all, no-one looks down at their feet when they walk into a room. They notice the color of the walls first, or the paintings, or the curtains. Or any number of things. The floor is usually last.

This is true. We don't usually notice the floor. At least not in a visual way. But what we do notice about it is the feel. Hard or soft. And whether or not it sounds hollow or solid. When it comes down to it, the type of flooring we have in our rooms is one of the thing which really gives it character.

Now, many people think of carpet when they think of flooring. It's what usually comes to mind. But there's more to flooring than carpet. A lot more.

And for my money, there is nothing to beat a non-carpeted floor. Whether it's a laminate floor, a vinyl floor, cork floor, or even the old-fashioned hardwood floor, there's something about all these types of floors that impart a real touch of elegance and permanence to a room. And that's what we're looking to achieve in any room, right?


With the huge range of flooring materials available today, there's no need to fall back on the traditional carpet. Those people looking for a twist to their flooring can choose from a huge range of materials and styles.

A laminate floor can give the appearance of real wood, but be easier to maintain and easier to clean. Nothing makes a room look so elegant as a wood grain underfoot. Modern laminate flooring is hardwearing and easy to clean.

Vinyl floor is easy to lay down and comes in a huge range of styles and colors. Whatever mood you want to create, you'll find the way to do it with vinyl.

Cork is extremely hardwearing. Lay down a cork floor and you'll have little to fear from damage.

And don't forget a relative newcomer to the flooring scene: bamboo. A bamboo floor can add a real individuality to any floor.

So next time you think flooring, don't just automatically think "carpet". Take a look at some of the alternatives and give your room a real makeover.

About the Author: Jon Kilminster writes about the home. His website http://www.flooringpavillion.com gives more information on how to choose a floor that is right for your room.

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Kathy said...

Our family is planning a huge house remodeling next month. This post is exactly what we need. The issue on flooring is the main reason why we failed to push through with the remodeling last year. Recently, Dad presented a plan which includes flooring choices. Majority of us like using tile flooring, Tampa products or tile, St. Pete collection. That means we'll opt for tiles this time instead of wall-to-wall carpets.

Thanks for sharing!

Carpets for Less said...

Yes, it isn't just CARPET...you can choose whatever flooring material to install depending on the part of the house you're going to. The flooring in your room might be different from the flooring on your living room. Of course budget will always be considered in choosing the right floor for you.

Nancy said...

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