Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Solid Wood Flooring vs Laminate Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring vs Laminate Flooring

By Megan Cherry

Today wood flooring is making a great comeback for many years people have been replacing or covering there wood floors with carpet. Today’s choices in wood flooring have never been greater we will examine several differences between a solid wood flooring that was the staple for many years compared with the advantages and disadvantages of a laminate wood flooring.

Solid wood flooring has a few advantages over laminate. The first advantage is that it can be refinished over and over But has a floor becomes worn scratched or damage they can be sanded out stained and you have a new floor. A solid wood floor will truly last for a lifetime. A laminate floor which is constructed not of solid wood but has a fiberboard type base and a laminate covering that mimics real wood. A laminate floor will resist scratching but cannot be refinished. Although laminate flooring will last many years if it is damaged it will need to be replaced.

As a rule solid wood flooring is much more expensive than laminate flooring it is also much more expensive to install because it requires much more labor. The solid wood flooring usually comes in strips approximately 2in. wide each strip has to be laid down individually and nailed in place with a special pneumatic flooring nailer. The whereas laminate flooring can be put down in larger sections the section simply snap together and can be put down rather quickly the typical homeowner can easily lay laminate flooring down in a weekend with only basic tools.

Laminate flooring however cannot tolerate a lot of moisture what happens is that the fiberboard backing on the laminate flooring will absorptive the water And swell the swelling will cause the floor to buckle the only recourse is to replace the floor. The solid wood flooring on the other hand will tolerate much more moisture. But if you’re not sure which way you would like to go with your new flooring solid wood or laminate I would advise that you go to your local home center or better yet a dedicated flooring store If they will be able to answer any questions you might have they will be happy to show you how to install your new flooring and they can even recommend some highly qualified contractors to install you flooring if you do not want to do it yourself. Whatever type of new flooring you decide on the warm classic look of real wood will add the feeling of warmth to your home.

About the Author: Megan Cherry writes for www.pegandrail.com In the market for new coat racks check us out we have a full line of wall mounted oat racks for your home or office.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Home Decorating 101: 10 Tips To Prevent Decorating Mistakes

Home Decorating 101: 10 Tips To Prevent Decorating Mistakes

By Jessica Ackerman

Has the fear of decorating has overwhelmed you? Even if you have never held a paint roller or repositioned a sofa, take comfort. These tips will empower you and engage your creative gene.

1) The first rule is to be familiar with the space you will be decorating

Grab a pencil, tape measure, and graph paper and make a scale layout of the room’s perimeter. Even if you possess excellent spatial relational abilities, this is recommended because the best visual remembrances fail against the reality of a scaled drawing in front of you.

With the representation of the room, it is possible to determine the sizes of furniture you have or that you wish to purchase.

2) Making a checklist helps

Shopping for decorating supplies? Writing a list now will save you frustration later. Even if you do not purchase everything, check off what you get as you get it. Keep those paint chips, fabric samples and flooring swatches with you to coordinate with furniture, lighting and accessories, whether shopping online or in a brick and mortar store.

3) Establish a budget range

The guidelines of a budget save not only your wallet but sometimes your relationship. If you choose to splurge, at least you do so intentionally.

4) Walls and floors are your frame

Consider the floor and walls as your frame. Pay attention to the colors and coverings of your frame. As you decorate within this canvas, remember that this “frame” unifies your decorating, so it is most the logical place to start.

5) Lighting can set a mood

With the lighting possibilities today, you can set a mood in every room. Specialty glass, bulbs, dimmer switches and modules are available for everyone’s decorating style and budget.

6) Create interest

Stretch your decorating dollar and maybe your decorating comfort zone by mixing colors, textures and patterns. Take cues from pictures in magazines or displays in stores. Adapt ideas from design shows and make them your own.

7) Sense of style

Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary, or modern, decorate with your personal sense of style. Be bold not intimidated by mixing period pieces. Eclectic style works provided proportion, color, pattern and texture appear harmonious.

8) Research products

Happy consumers are those who do their homework before they buy. You may be a buyer instead of a shopper, but you would reap the rewards of some time spent learning more about the products you use to decorate—especially big-ticket items.

9) Balance and scale work together

When you look at the positioning of elements in your room and something hits a discord in you, chances are proportions clash. Getting the balance and scale right takes some practice. Again, take cues from other resources.

10) Use space effectively

It is eminently helpful to make scaled cutouts of the furniture and position all the pieces to your liking within your scale drawing. Gather large pieces to make the most of a focal point. Arrange some informal seating areas.

Now that you know these tips, you’re ready to begin. Decorate yourself happy!

About the Author: Jessica Ackerman writes articles for Wall Décor and Home Accents, which offers unique products like divine wrought iron wall décor and antique wall candle sconces.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Choosing The Right Flooring

Choosing The Right Flooring

By Lee Dobbins

When redecorating or putting in an addition, you are faced with many decisions, not the least of which is what type of flooring to buy. Should you buy hardwood or carpet? Vinyl or tile? There’s many things that you should consider before making your final flooring decision.

Two important considerations when purchasing flooring are how durable the flooring will be and how stain resistant and easy to clean it is. Your criteria for each depends on the use the flooring will get.

If you are buying a floor for the childrens playroom, then you need a material that can withstand a beating! It needs to be durable enough to survive the pounding of feet and toys being dragged acroos it. A hardwood floor might not stand up to such abuse and you may want something a bit more cushiony as well. A durable carpet can work, but don’t forget that you’ll need something that resists stains from those spills and is easy to clean up.

If, on the other hand, your flooring purchase is for a formal living room that is rarely used, you can go with something a bit more beautiful and, perhaps, less functional. A beautiful wood patterned floor or even a plush white carpet can lend an elegant look to any formal room.

For rooms that get a lot of family use like kitchen and bathrooms, something in the middle might be good. Make sure that floors for these rooms are easy to clean and stay away from any textured vinyl where dirt might accumulate in the crevices and also, tiles with white grout. I have found that both tend to be very hard to keep clean over time.

No matter what room you are picking out flooring for, you should keep the overall look and décor of the room in mind. A country design can go great with a simple wood floor or plain carpet but won’t look so good with a southwestern style tile. A retro kitchen might be perfect for black and white checked flooring. A romantic bedroom will be enhanced by a plush carpet. Always be sure to match your color and style and any flooring you pick is bound to look great!

About the Author: Lee Dobbins is contributing writer at www.flooring-info-online.com where you can find out more about how to choose flooring for your home.

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Welcome to our Flooring Blog

Welcome to our new Flooring Blog

By Jason Wall - SKHomes4sale.com and Athomecanada.com

On behalf of SKhomes4sale.com and Athomecanada.com, I would like to welcome you to our new Flooring blog.

Have you heard of a "green thumb"? Well to choose the right flooring in a home you need a "green carpet".

I created this blog because we receive so many questions about what flooring to pick when staging your home when you are selling it.

We will try to provide all of our home selling and buying customers with as much information about picking flooring as possible. We will be posting approximately 2 to 3 posts per week.

If you have any questions at all, please respond to the blog entries.

Please enjoy!!!!

About the Author: Jason Wall is the owner of SKHomes4sale.com and ATHomecanada.com. His company provides an advertising avenue for home owners selling their home privately in Canadian Real Estate and thus providing buyers a great way of searching and viewing private homes for sale in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba. There are hundreds and hundreds of homes on the site for people who are buying their home privately.

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